Australia set to lead the world on hydrogen production

Minister for Resources and Northern Australia, Senator the Hon. Matthew Canavan, has released a statement emphasising the findings of the World Energy Outlook (WEO) report, highlighting that Australia is in a position to take a world-leading role in the production of low-emissions hydrogen.

Minister Canavan said that Australia’s existing infrastructure and expertise in hydrogen provides a clear advantage in hydrogen production:

“Hydrogen is versatile – it can be stored and transported relatively easily, and it offers the potential for using fossil fuels with carbon capture and storage and renewable resources, in which we have a particular advantage.”

The Minister noted that Australia has the know-how and drive to develop hydrogen energy export supply chains. Notable work has been achieved by Chief Scientist Dr Alan Finkel AO on a National Hydrogen Strategy proposal to be considered by Australian and State governments later this year.

Minister Canavan noted the significant investment made by the Federal Government into Hydrogen development recently:

“Earlier this year, we invested $50 million in the world-first Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain pilot project in Victoria in partnership with the Japanese and Victorian governments and Japanese industry….
It is one of only a few global projects proving supply chain logistics from end to end; in this case, from gasification of brown coal to liquefied hydrogen delivered to Japan.”

The Minister said he is certain that projects like the Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain will help pave the way for investment in a new commercial-scale low-carbon hydrogen export industry for Australia.

View the statement from Minister Canavan’s office.

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