Federal Resources Minister Madeleine King supports carbon capture and storage

Minister Madeleine King spoke in support of carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology at the World Mining Congress in Brisbane on 26 June 2023.

She said, “Carbon capture and storage is one of the biggest opportunities for emissions reduction in the energy sector. There are around 35 commercial capture facilities operating worldwide, with a capture capacity of 45 million tonnes of CO2.”

Currently, the International Energy Agency, CSIRO, UN International Panel on Climate Change and  Global CCS Institute have all labelled CCS as a key part of the net-zero transition.

Aligned with Minister King’s support for CCS, the J-Power and Sumitomo Corporation Joint Venture will produce clean hydrogen extracted from Latrobe Valley coal combined with carbon capture and storage.

This clean hydrogen project will only proceed with CCS. Just off the coast of Gippsland, there are two world-class storage options:  CarbonNet’s Bass Strait Project and the depleted oil and gas reservoirs of Exxon’s affiliated Gippsland Basin Joint Venture CCS Hub.

To read Minister King’s speech, click here.

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