HESC Project progress commended in Prime Ministerial meeting

In a recent meeting between the Prime Ministers of Japan and Australia, the HESC Project was emphasised as a key area of cooperation between the two countries.

The HESC Project, along with hydrogen, Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS or otherwise known as Carbon Recycling) were key items discussed by the two leaders as playing a fundamental role in the effort to move to cleaner energy solutions and reduce carbon emissions to meet net-zero targets.

The joint media statement from the two leaders read that they welcomed the progress made to date on the Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain project in the state of Victoria in Australia. The Leaders concurred to advance hydrogen cooperation to support national and global transitions to a resilient, low emissions economy.

A transcript of the meeting remarks can be viewed here.

HESC Project Partners appreciate the ongoing support from the Australian and Japanese Governments, which is crucial to its successful implementation of the HESC Project. Operations will commence soon, meaning both countries are one step closer towards deploying hydrogen as a clean, secure, affordable and sustainable energy source.

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