HESC Project welcomes Indian Minister for Power, New & Renewable Energy

India’s Hon’ble Minister Raj Kumar Singh (left) and KHI Chairman, Yoshinori Kanehana (right)

The Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain (HESC) project was delighted to welcome India’s Hon’ble Minister Raj Kumar Singh to its Hastings Liquefaction Plant.

During the visit, The Indian Minister for Power, New & Renewable energy, and his delegation, were provided with a comprehensive overview of Australia’s first hydrogen liquefaction plant. The tour was hosted by KHI Chairman Yoshinori Kanehana and Hirofumi Kawazoe, Hydrogen Engineering Australia’s General Manager.

KHI Chairman, Mr. Kanehana “The HESC Project Partners, were honoured to welcome India’s Hon’ble Minister Raj Kumar Singh and his delegation, to the HESC Project Liquefaction Plant. It was a great opportunity to share what we have learnt through the Pilot Phase of the project and hear about the renewable energy transition underway in India.”

KHI Chairman Mr. Kanehana said, “KHI is fully focused and committed to developing the necessary technology to establish a commercial hydrogen supply chain. I am truly convinced that this will deliver a new, clean hydrogen industry to the world, for the benefit of our environment and for the sustainable future of generations to come.”

Mr. Kawazoe briefed the Minister on the successful pilot phase of the project and the critical role of liquefaction in the process.

Earlier this year, the world’s first liquid hydrogen carrier ship, the Suiso Frontier, left the Victorian port of Hastings with its cargo of liquid hydrogen before being safely unloaded in Kobe, Japan. The Project Partners continue to review the results from the pilot phase and engage with local communities, regulators and potential customers for HESC hydrogen, in readiness to build and operate a commercial-scale project.

Hydrogen Engineering Australia’s General Manager, Mr. Kawazoe said, “Following the successful pilot phase, the HESC Project is the most advanced hydrogen project in Australia and the first project in the world to make, liquefy and transport liquid hydrogen to another country by sea.”

The Minister visited the Hastings facility the same week he addressed the Sydney Energy Forum, which took place 12-13 July and was hosted by the Australian Government and the International Energy Agency.

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