Launch of the world’s first hydrogen carrier

Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain (HESC) project partners congratulate fellow partner, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. (KHI) in achieving a major project milestone today, launching the world’s first liquefied hydrogen carrier, SUISO FRONTIER at its Kobe works site in Japan.

The carrier has been developed specifically for the HESC project to transport liquefied hydrogen from the Port of Hastings in Victoria to Japan.

The launch of the SUISO FRONTIER follows other recent and significant HESC milestones including the commencement of construction of the project’s hydrogen liquefaction and loading terminal at the Port of Hastings in July, and the commencement of construction of the brown coal gasification and gas-refining plant in the Latrobe Valley in early November.

It also follows hot on the heels of the release of Australia’s National Hydrogen Strategy.

These events demonstrate a significant step forward in Australia and Japan’s pursuit of a hydrogen energy society and supports Australia in responsibly transitioning to a secure, economically viable, low carbon energy future.

The HESC project has the potential to be a game changer in the future, together with carbon capture and storage, providing an innovative, economically viable and environmentally conscious solution to producing hydrogen safely, through the conversion of brown coal to hydrogen.

Australia could be the first country to create a thriving hydrogen export industry with huge local economic benefits.

The Latrobe Valley has the resources, infrastructure and capacity to become the centre for a new energy industry using the area’s abundant coal resources in a sustainable manner and help Australia transition to a low carbon energy regime.

Following today’s launch the carrier will be installed with a vacuum insulated double-walled liquefied hydrogen storage tank with a capacity of 1,250m3.

Construction will be complete in late 2020 to complement the commencement of HESC pilot’s full operation by 2021.

Read the Kawasaki Heavy Industries media release.

SUISO FRONTIER Vital Statistics
  • ‘Suiso’ means hydrogen in Japanese
  • Length (overall): 116 m
  • Molded breadth: 19 m
  • Molded depth: 17.90m
  • Molded draft: 4.5m
  • Gross tonnage: approx. 8,000t
  • Tank cargo capacity: approx. 1,250m3
  • Main engine: Diesel Electric Propulsion
  • Sea speed: approximately 13 kn
  • Capacity: 25 people
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