Update on Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) investigation

On 25 January 2022, while the Suiso Frontier was moored at the port of Hastings, one of the two solenoid valve systems (device for transmitting instructions to the damper) in the gas combustion unit (GCU) suddenly stopped, and a ship crew observed lighting and smoke in the gas combustion unit (GCU) on the vessel for a few seconds, that was presumed to be a small flame. The crew immediately and safely performed a manual shutdown of the unit. There were no injuries and no damage to equipment and the environment.

HySTRA reported the incident to the Australian Maritime Services Authority (AMSA) within the day, and the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) and Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (ClassNK) inspected the vessel on 27 January. On 28 January, with a confirmation there is no issue for navigation as the GCU can be used by switching over from the one solenoid valve system (failed one) to the other system, the vessel was cleared to depart by AMSA and left for Japan. On 8 March, after the vessel arrived in Kobe, HySTRA made the replacement of the necessary parts. The pilot voyage continued after the gas combustion unit was confirmed to be operating normally without incident recurrence. 

HySTRA reported the completion of the measures to the AMSA on 18 March, and an investigation is underway by the ATSB. HySTRA is conducting the second round of demonstration tests of the Suiso Frontier between Japan and Australia. When the vessel safely arrived at the Port of Hastings on 3 May, HySTRA reported the continuation of safe navigation to the ATSB.

HySTRA takes safety seriously and will continue to strive for the safe operation of the Suiso Frontier and work on the hydrogen supply chain demonstration project.

Please click here to view the ATSB investigation report (English).

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